Real Pearls


One of the most popular and favorite jewelry for women are pearls. Real pearls make real jewelry. In the market, however, there are many varieties making it difficult for you to differentiate real pearls from those that are fake. This means you need to know characteristics that will help you distinguish the true from the fake.

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Looking at a necklace carefully you will realize that the pearls are different in shape, color, size as well as luster. This is so because naturally, each has its personality. For fake jewelry, the pearls tend to look same with regards shape and size.


Real pearls will have a cooling sense even in the hottest weather. Beads that are made of plastic will feel warm. By touching them, therefore, you can easily tell. While true pearls give a cooling sense when in your hand, an imitation tends to be sticky when you try to slide or roll. If the fake jewelry is made from the glass, then they will be heavier than true pearls while those that are waxy are half  the weight of the real ones. Real pearls have an uneven feeling when you rub them in your hand and will produce some powder also. Their fake counterparts have a smooth surface.


Another way of knowing a real pearl is by listening to the sound it produces when you shake a string of pearls. Fake pearls will have a tinny sound as opposed to the real pearl that has soft and more comfortable sound. Scraping a real pearl with the teeth gives a sandy sound and feel while fake ones have no sound.

Magnifier observation

If you use a magnifying glass to observe a pearl, true pearls will seem to have surfaces that are grown like grain. The imitations usually have an eggshell surface that is rugged.


Burning a pearl mildly, the surface of an actual pearl will remain intact, shiny and no smell. Burning longer produces a pop sound and sheds layers of beads. Imitation will give an odor when subjected to heat and lose their luster as well.


Real pearls do not have observationpearlsxcn vbmklkgjhdfgjka neat particular, and it is hard to get a piece of jewelry with same shapes more so the ones that are uniformly round.
Imitation usually has pearls that are same in size and shape.

Distinguishing between a pure and fake pearl next time you go to buy a piece of jewelry can be as easy as following these simple tips. Put them into practice to avoid buying the wrong jewelry.